Biju Gayu

Writer, teacher and academic blogger. Writes a social media trilogy. Forthcoming books: Myth of the Social Media Politics (Primus Books), Intimate Speakers (Fingerprint).Specializes on celebrity culture, political class, culture studies, business politics and technology.

Social cpaital in social media

An armada of social media sites has achieved popularity recently for specific activities. These activities range from philanthropy to profit making. In between, it has been used to pinpoint political … Continue reading

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Middle class basis of politics in social media

Calculated and strategic use of platforms ensures extra mileage for the politicians. However, all the users are not successful. Not all politicians are able to hit where they should. Very … Continue reading

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Government 2.0: Government in Social Media

With the sweeping penetration of 2.0 Movement, unprecedented changes are taking place in political spheres. User generated content will have dramatic influence on government platforms. This is true to say … Continue reading

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Why Social media must be regulated?

The comment and reply thread of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages of mainstream print media entities, organisations, government institutions, etc., in Internet are reflective of a paradise of hate. In … Continue reading

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Political power of social media is a myth

Social media resurfaces in a complex set of digital sociability that makes it almost difficult to pinpoint in an explicit public sphere analogy. Yet, few factors are important in making … Continue reading

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Social Media Ghettos

Cities migrated to social media, so is the middle class. Now, the new ‘town square’ of the cyber age, i.e. social media has metamorphosed in to the ghettos of urban … Continue reading

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Social Media Polarises Political Public

Internet, with its distinctive facility to connect geographically far-away individuals with analogous opinions intensifies the tendency towards fragmented political mobilisations Fifth estate constituencies seem balkanised in India. People with disruptive … Continue reading

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